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HARSHO GROUP OF COMPANIES is a combination of three companies registered to operate in the United Republic of Tanzania. The companies conduct its operation at Kwasadala, Hai, Kilimanjaro - about 16 kilometers from Moshi Town along Moshi- Arusha highway and 23.9kms from Kilimanjaro International Airport with the best view of Mount Kilimanjaro. HARSHO GROUP started in 1998 as one small single company known as Harsho Trading Company Limited located at Kawawa Street Moshi. Due to its efficiency and rapid growth under the good management of the owners, the company expanded its operation resulting to the establishment of other two companies namely Harsho Packaging Company Limited and Harsho Milling Company Limited


   Mr. Harold Shoo

Founder, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

He holds a Diploma in Business Management from Nairobi Institute Of Business Studies and a Certificate of Microsoft Office Programs, Quick Books, Internet and Web Network. He has an extensive knowledge in manufacturing industry and overall business
operations with 23 years experience of business Operation Management and Marketing inside and outside the country. He is an entrepreneur by nature with an ability to work under pressure, efficient and focuses on task performance. Mr. Shoo has managed to push forward the performance of the companies through proper implementation vision, mission and set aside short, medium and long term goals. Mr. Shoo is a Tanzanian by nationality and lives in Kilimanjaro. His main intention as why he started with Animal feed manufacturing was his love maintaining the green environment because Animals are also a part of green nature. By producing animal feeds andvitamins contribute to maintaining and increasing Animal production industry.

Mrs. Mary-Grace Shoo

 Co-founder and Director of HARSHO GROUP

She is an Honour Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from Cambridge International College. Furthermore she holds a Diploma In Sales & Marketing From Cambridge International College and a Certificate Of Microsoft Office, Design & Account Programs from Kilimanjaro Information Technology Mrs. Shoo is the person who supports the Chief Executive officer with day to day implementation of the companies vision, mission and goals and has got over 15 years of experience in managing business. Mrs. Shoo is a Tanzanian by nationality and lives in Kilimanjaro

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